Golden Clover Hunt
Golden Clover Hunt

Brian, Rachel and Michael Tesene -- Congratulations

Found at the K-177 Scenic Overlook Shelter off of Bill Snyder Highway. In a crack under a bench

Clues given:
Clue #1, Wednesday, July 10
It's fair time again in the beautiful Riley County From livestock & crafts to the gardens bounty So when July is here we take it in stride It's the Riley County Fair -- "Country Pride Fair Wide"
Clue #2, Thursday, July 11
The fair fun begins several days in advance Find the Golden Clover -- you have a good chance Within Riley County is search-area prime Win a bunch of great prizes - its worth your time
Clue #3, Friday, July 12
The clover prizes are worth scratching your head Easy to find - no tools, no work, just prizes instead Stay in Riley County for your winning prize The daily clues in the Post will help your surprise
Clue #4, Monday, July 15
July 25th begins life at the fair The rodeo, 4-H & garden produce to share Don't head towards Canada and stay dry The clover could be other directions, give that a try
Clue #5, Tuesday, July 16
If you're thinking about Pott: shame on you The clover is waiting and it has a view The Food is upgrading to a new heights Enjoy the carnival, with a new ride on site
Clue #6, Wednesday, July 17
The sky limits are not out of bounds So have fun, crazy clue hounds North city proper is not a part of this deal check out the live music - it's great and it's real
Clue #7, Thursday, July 18
Stay away from downtown and look outside Be thinking a bit west or south to save pride If you like strawberries there is a pie contest Check out the 4-H displays, they are the best
Clue #8, Friday, July 19
Stay up to date on all things fair to stay aware If your're still in city limits, you're off base West of south is a better place
Clue #9, Monday, July 22
If you like a scenic view, the clover has you beat The Konza Prairie is beautiful and sweet Several places to view it, but one is real Plenty of livestock to see too, if that's your deal
Clue #10, Tuesday, July 23
The prizes are incredible, the package is a total gem Even the coaching legends might cherish them Let the north wind push you in the right direction The food and entertainment this year are a great selection
Clue #11, Wednesday, July 24
It is a cherished view, top of the world it ain't A view so awesome you can't call it quaint Don't look to high or you'll strain your neck The clover might be looking up from the deck
Clue #12, Thursday, July 25
You are so close now watch your feet Your hunting journey is almost complete You have been on the edge, we know for sure In years to come the outlook will endure
Clue #13, Friday, July 26
You Clover Hunters "floor" me and "crack" me up !!! Happy Hunting come see us at the County Fair.
Clue #14, Friday, July 26
Clover Has Been Found Brian, Rachel and Michael Tesene -- Congratulations Found at the K-177 Scenic Overlook Shelter off of Bill Snyder Highway. In a crack under a bench
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