Golden Clover Hunt
Golden Clover Hunt

The 9th Annual Golden Clover Hunt will help kick off the 2018 Riley County Fair with clues starting July 12. The clues will be given out on the Power Hits 97.5 and Q103.5 and will also be posted on the Riley County Fair Website each day.

Clues given:
Clue #1, Wednesday, July 12
The Riley County Fair will soon be underway. Great food, exhibits and lots of play. Make plans with your family for nights of fun, And listen closely, the Golden Clover Hunt has begun
Clue #2, Thursday, July 13
Within the borders of beautiful Riley County, Our clues will lead you to a profitable bounty. On public ground and you won't need any tool. Follow the clues and you'll be rich and cool.
Clue #3, Friday, July 14
It's showtime at the fair with music, food and rides. Five days and nights of fun to enjoy the great outside. From Top of the World you can see the fair's wonder But to go farther north would be a blunder.
Clue #4, Monday, July 17
At the Riley County Fair there are 4-H projects galore, From Space Tech to swine and many, many more. Chicago or Dallas are a quick hop out of MHK, If you're goals to find the Clover, you're going the wrong way.
Clue #5, Tuesday, July 18
The scenic view from the Ferris Wheel is unreal, And finding the priceless Clover is the real deal. A swim in the river is not the way to go. A school marm would tell you it's a no no.
Clue #6, Wednesday, July 19
July 27-31 CiCo Park will be a hoppin' Mark your calendars now, all the cool kids will be a stoppin'. Long ago the fair grounds were at Griffith Park, But that's not the direction you want to embark.
Clue #7, Thursday, July 20
At the Riley County Fair, 4-H'ers work will be in the spotlight. With all they've learned their futures are looking bright. The Hartford ran aground in 1855, Popular tributes of passengers are still very much alive.
Clue #8, Friday, July 21
You may be thinking these clues are hard as steel, But we're her to tell you this hunt is the real deal. History abounds for us all over this great town. A good historian can quickly hone it down.
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