Golden Clover Hunt
Golden Clover Hunt

The Clover has been found it was located under the bridge on the exercise trail at CiCo Park. Congratulations to one of our 4-H Families - Cheryl and Sierra McCabria.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the hunt.

Clues given:
Clue #1, Friday, July 8
It's time for the Golden Clover, and you shouldn't be scared a comfortable pair of shoes will have you prepared Monday through Friday, clues shall be revealed There will be no digging or tools required for this treasure-yield
Clue #2, Monday, July 11
Bright Lights & Summer Nights is what our fair has to offer Come across my medallion and you'll fill that coffer 4-H'ers are more than happy to show you the way Come for the animals and food, but stay for the play
Clue #3, Tuesday, July 12
From July 21 to July 25 we can guarantee you a show Out at Cico Park each day, you can stay on the go If I was an ordinal, I'd be bedding down Come for the music and best funnel cakes in town
Clue #4, Wednesday, July 13
It makes me tired thinking of all the things you can do See a goat, smell a pig, hear a cow's haughty moo As you strive towards your beautiful fate Please keep the area clean, stay hydrated and keep a quick gait
Clue #5, Thursday, July 14
4-H'ers artwork does thrill, their photography does bring joy Give the carnival a chance, grab a snow cone, win a toy If you tire from your toil, rest easy, take a seat After all, my precious Clover hides from the heat
Clue #6, Friday, July 15
Have you heard about the newest fair contest in 2022 If I had to guess, I'd say it could pay off for you We have a rodeo, Fair Olympics, and pedal cars to-boot Keep your chin held high and your mind on the loot
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