Golden Clover Hunt
Golden Clover Hunt


Clues given:
Clue #1, Wednesday, July 8
What is "Fairadise"? Well, it's the Riley County Fair We're really sorry, you can't be there No carnival or food, but it's all still good Things have changed, I hope it's understood
Clue #2, Thursday, July 9
The Golden Clover is hiding on public property again It's in a new place, it has never been No tools needed, look only in Riley County Get a new clue each day to seek your bounty
Clue #3, Friday, July 10
Our future is in good hands these days Our 4-H'ers prove that in may ways If the wind is in the north and blowing in your face Turn around to seek the clovers place
Clue #4, Monday, July 13
The 4-H clubs have had projects all year You will be proud of these young people, I swear If your're hunting and going towards the southeast Your chances of discovery are the least
Clue #5, Tuesday, July 14
The livestock barns, the smell of money in the air Calves, hogs, and sheep, you just can't be there Where the sun rises is a beautiful site But the view is better when it's in the night
Clue #6, Wednesday, July 15
4-H offers fun and educational for all Dogs, cooking, rocketry, there is no project to tall Choose your mode of transportation with care No horses or motor vehicles will get you there
Clue #7, Thursday, July 16
4-H is inclusive, open to all Creating positive changes in communities, big and small Don't mind the lane, you'll get there I swear If there's high water, you need to be aware
Clue #8, Friday, July 17
We hope to see you at the fair 2021 For our type of hunting you won't need a gun Remember walking is good for your health Look for the pit and increase your wealth
Clue #9, Monday, July 20
Don't worry about the gator, it's not a concern They don't eat WILD CAT, it gives them heart burn Any age can get there, just follow the clue Don't trip on the rocks, even if you're 62
Clue #10, Tuesday, July 21
THE CLOVER HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! Brian, Emma and Lauren Tesene found the clover. The Clover was located at Wildcat Creek Park in Keats. Thanks to all that participated and see you in 2021
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