Golden Clover Hunt
Golden Clover Hunt

Congratulations to Tiana and Tailynn - they found the Golden Clover at the Rocky Ford School House!

Clues given:
Clue #1, Wednesday, July 11
No time of year is better than July. We have our reasons and would like to tell you why. Energy is building by the day so it seems. It's time for the Golden Clover, and the county fair with its blue jeans and country dreams.
Clue #2, Thursday, July 12
The Golden Clover is a prize that's unique; Follow the daily clues if the prize you seek The Riley County Fair will be spectacular you'll see; With rides, food and music it's the place to be.
Clue #3, Friday, July 13
Treasure hunters have rules, too, you know: Stay in Riley County wherever your hunting goes. No digging, no climbing, no causing a mess; Hunt on public lands and there'll be no stress.
Clue #4, Monday, July 16
On July 26 the Riley County Fair kicks off; South of Manhattan and you're drinking from the wrong trough. Whether you like the fair for funnel cakes or cotton candy; You don't need a scenic view for the prize to be handy.
Clue #5, Tuesday, July 17
If you can't swim it's nothing to worry about; But finding the Clover is a reason to shout. If you grill in the backyard, look to the west. Spinning round and round is not just a quest.
Clue #6, Wednesday, July 18
Animals are coming sooner by one day; Check to find your way. If you're a city slicker, change your direction; Keep looking outside to make a better selection.
Clue #7, Thursday, July 19
A full Nelson could be the right move; Come to the county fair for great fun and a music groove. There'll be live music Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights; School's out for the summer and the days are bright.
Clue #8, Friday, July 20
At this point in the summer education may seem like a Hays; Don't feel bad if those were rocky days. The Kaw Valley Rodeo will be booming with all kinds of fun; Bring the family, when you see the cowboys the real fair has begun.
Clue #9, Monday, July 23
Thursday night is a Poyntz parade extraordinaire; Lots of pickups, even Fords -- Let us be clear! You might be shocked at how close you've come; Only a dunce in the corner would be considered so dumb!
Clue #10, Tuesday, July 24
This is no time for fishing; it's time to get real. Finding the Clover is kind of a big deal. Looking in the right barns will win you a heap; Approach with care, you're looking for cows not sheep.
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